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"The experience of beach and sea, combined with the positive energy, helped fuel the fire growing in my soul. I realize now that writing makes me whole." --- Sherry, San Juan Island

Philosophically speaking

We believe in the creative process and the necessity of having an emotionally safe space in which to work. We want to be involved with seekers, working collectively to enhance everyone's talents and confidence, and to share our natural surroundings. We have intentionally limited the number of participants out of consideration for the environment and to provide the maximum interaction with presenters and among participants. Our goals are to nurture, to encourage, to inspire, to teach.

Sharon Wootton

Award-winning writer Sharon Wootton has more than 3 million words in print as a journalist, editor, columnist and full-time free-lance writer. No, she hasn't written a book yet, but she's working on it! Her outdoors/nature columns appear regularly in the Washington state dailies The Olympian ( Olympia ) and The Herald (Everett). Sharon has presented writing sessions at Write on the Sound Writers Conference, Whidbey Island Writers Conference, Women in the Wilderness, and writers groups. She has judged writing contests, given writing and photography classes, and mentored writers.

Sharon's articles and photographs have appeared in dozens of publications, including the magazines Garden Showcase, Cross-Country Skier, U.S. News and World Report, Soundings, Motorcyclist Magazine, Commercial Car Journal, Wood and Wood Products, Fur Fish & Game, and Sports Etc.; national papers National Insider, News-Extra and Midnight; daily newspapers Virginian-Pilot, Boston Globe, Baltimore News-American, Baltimore Sun, Peninsula Daily News, The (Everett) Herald, Olympian and Tacoma News-Tribune; and several weeklies, various Web sites and special travel publications. She's also editor of the Northwest Outdoors Guide.

Sharon has a fiction-writing certificate from the University of Washington . She's won about 70 state, regional and national writing, photography and editing awards, including ones for her columns, as well as awards in the travel, profiles, features and environmental categories.

What others are saying

"I read the story and I got considerably emotional (because of) the way it was written. I can't say enough about you. You are the most incredible reporter in the business."
                                                                                                            -- Mountain climber Glenn Williams

"Your articles always delight me. Several ended up stored inside books! Thank you for your wonderful observations and writings" . "This is just to say how much I like your column, especially the way you write about birds. Today was wonderful. Thanks for your sensitivity, wit and perceptiveness" . "We've read and enjoyed your column for many months. We'll continue to look forward to your interesting and informative articles" . "I just read you delightful piece on eagles! It was a refreshing look at a drama in nature of which I was unaware. I think your column may have given me the solution to a mystery in nature . I hope you will continue to share your observations with readers, and that your column will become a regular delight" . Your column has inspired me to really concentrate on making it to the top of Mount Rainier next year."
                                                                                                  -- Readers comments on Sharon 's columns

" Sharon is awesome, superb handouts simply elegantly composed . Sensible and forthright, clear style of presenting!". "Excellent materials, well prepared, organized, humorous, good speaker" . "More than informative, presentation was given as 'I am successful, and this is why.' A role model to build a base for starting a new career, or building on the one you have." . "Easy to understand . ability to answer questions." . "Good speaker . Gave us hope."
                                                                                                           -- From evaluations of presentation at
                                                                         Write on the Sound Writers Conference, Edmonds , Wash:

Maggie Savage

"She stopped us all cold and chilled in our tracks with "To Jennifer Age 15,"a song of the loss of a young women's life during the time of (serial killer) Ted Bundy . Her ragtime, funtime, serious subject medley of "If I Had to Do It Again, I'd Do It All Over You" and "Great All American Female Shuffle" tickled the intellect."

- Victory Music Review

Singer/songwriter Maggie Savage has produced two cassettes of her own music; made televised appearances as the showcase performer on KING, KCTS, KCPQ and KOMO; toured nationally as the musician with the three-woman Co-Respondents Readers Theater, and was the house act for a Pioneer Square bistro, 92 Yesler.

She has performed at national NOW National Organization for Women conferences in Philadelphia and Los Angeles , and the International Women's Year Conference in Houston . Maggie has led songwriting workshops at Northwest Folklife Festival for more than 10 years and performed regularly at Folklife for about two decades. She's also presented "Songwriting and Fiction: Using One to Help the Other" at the Whidbey Island Writers Conference.

Maggie has also appeared as an actress in college and community theater, in movies for screen and TV, and on radio shows as well as done radio voice-overs. She is a member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists), and Seattle Composers Alliance.

What others are saying

". Ms. Savage is able to use specific examples, to which all women can relate, in order to drive home her message. Her music is refreshingly free of dogma, yet highly political. She has a capacity to blend lyrics and music in a variety of ways to capture the many moods and facets of the women's movement."

- Jeannie Reynolds, organizer of rally honoring

the date that women got the right to vote

"Savage's warmth, honesty, freshness, humility and wisdom make up these poems set to music, with understated guitar or piano accompaniment . A thought-provoking group of ideas."

- Victory Music Review

"Maggie is one of a small number of pioneers in the area of feminist music, and her contributions to the growth of our culture cannot be overestimated."

-- Kristin Lems, National Women's Music Festival Collective

"(Her) music was beautiful . resonance, power, humor and lyrical and poetic experimentation all blend together into inspiring, touching, delighting and affecting music."

-- Kathie McCarthy, Women's Center Coordinator, Evergreen State College

"Maggie's own enduring dedication to the development of women's music and her fine musicianship are strong recommendations."

-- Margie Adam, Pleiades Records

"This woman is packed with obvious talent, has the stamina and determination so important to creative artists and scholars, and writes music of healthy social significance."

- Marjorie Schuchat, Dallas County Chapter National Organization for Women

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